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Jean BartlettJean Bartlett
Writer, biographer, interviewer, journalist for the arts,
playwright, songwriter, award-wining children's book author

Today’s date: June 14, 2009



Awards: Pacifica Chamber of Commerce 2009 Outstanding Journalism Award.  2008 Mildred Owen Concert Hall Outstanding Service Award in the Field of Journalism for the Arts.  Mentoring award from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area for children’s book: “IndiAsia and the Dragon.”  This is the only book to ever be given any award by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Extra facts: Studied commercial art. Taught beginning guitar. 

Extra family facts: Maternal grandfather was pianist; maternal grandmother was cellist, mandolinist and pianist.  Paternal grandmother and grandfather were journalists for the San Francisco Chronicle.  Maternal great grandmother and paternal great aunt were California landscape artists.

* * * * * *

Jean Bartlett arrived at the Pacifica Tribune back in 2000, and she’s still there (!), with a background of writing for Hallmark Cards, Inc., American Conservatory’s Young Conservatory Theater (San Francisco) and Richard’s Backyard Theater as well as being a melody and lyricist writer for various Bay Area bands.  (Charlie Albert, pals with Tuck and Patti, where are you?)  She also used to write exclusive wedding and anniversary songs, that is, when she wasn’t doing sketches for her small but desperately successful commercial art business.

Since 2000 she has written 7 produced plays, 1 to-be produced musical drama, published an award-winning children’s book “IndiAsia and the Dragon” and written for the Pacifica Tribune (2 to 6 articles a week), Bay Area Business Woman, the San Mateo Times and the Oakland Tribune.  She also founded and is Managing Editor of Jean’s Magazines, an artist supporting website.

Working as the Arts Correspondent for the Pacifica Tribune she has interviewed and/or reviewed a wonderful abundance of artists who are musicians, comics, photographers, novelists, sculptors, painters, etc. which includes, but is not limited to such folks as: Will Durst, Debi Durst, Michael Bossier, Maria Muldaur, Tammy Hall, Kim Nalley, American Tenor Daniel Montengro, Janis Mattox, Kay Stern, Joan Nagano, Seth Montfort, Celia Malheiros, Calvin Keys, George Mauro, Lennon Smith, Lavay Smith, Morning and Jim Nichols, Ruth Davies, Patti Wicks, Wesla Whitfield, Mike Greensill, Lynn Ruth Miller, David Guilmette, Brenda Boykin, Cathy Fithian, Kevin Wm. Meyer, Rich Dymer, Jay Michaelis, Norton Buffalo, David Rokeach, John Worley, Kristen Strom, Kathy Domenici, Pamela Mackenzie, Daniel Castro, The Curios, Paul Mehling, Ed Johnson, Kenny Washington, Houston Jones, Golden Bough, Thomas Stafford, Woods Tea Company, Ann Thomas, Bonnie Hayes, Bobbe Norris, Larry Dunlap, Babá Ken Okulolo & the Nigerian Brothers, William Van Noland, Ian Butler, Surrey Blackburn, Rauf Naqishbendi, Bert Glick, Rod Clark, Jack Hirschman, Janice Mirikitani, Emmanuel Williams, Mary Harris, Egil Thompson, Matthew Edwards, Jamie Bonetto, Robyn Carmichael, Max Perkoff, Rudy Pickell, Bruce Latimer, Larry Vuckovich, Irene Sazer, Mads Tolling, Shirley Fong-Torres, filmmaker Sean Wilson and Grateful Dead promo guy and Burning Man moviemaker Steve Brown.  Jean also works as a journalist interviewing numerous people outside of the arts including: Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, human rights attorney Karen Musalo, writer and Armenian Genocide expert Peter Balakian.

In case you were wondering, Ms. Bartlett does play a few instruments.  Additionally, she writes biographies.  A sample biography Jean wrote on Renée Duering, Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz, can be found on the web at  Type ‘Duering’ in the last name search window.

Jean is a huge fan of the arts and knows what it is like to give your all and not get any press. That's what Jean's Magazines is about, giving talented and serious artists a voice.

The newest magazine added onto Jean’s website is: GrabIt.

GrabIt is essentially an artist candy store, providing quick and interesting artist references for club owners, concert halls, art galleries, filmmakers, editors, fans of the arts and art presenting venues: including theaters, cafés and bookstores looking for – talent!  It is also here to remind that many of the truly great artists are within your local neighborhood.

Like all artists interviewed on Jean’s Magazines, GrabIt artists are either known by Ms. Bartlett, via her work as a reviewer and interviewer, or they come with serious references.

Please support these artists. The world would be just “some place” and we would all lead just “some lives” without them.

Jean Bartlett interviewed for GrabIt