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 is essentially an artist candy store, a quick résumé reference for club owners, concert halls, art galleries, filmmakers, theaters, cafés, bookstores, publishers and fans of the arts looking for – talent.  

GrabIt is by invitation only

It is Managing Editor Jean Bartlett’s privilege to introduce the sponsors of Jean’s Magazines “GrabIt”:

Florey's Book Co.   Pacifica Performances   Sanchez Art Center

Florey’s Book Co.
Jean’s Magazines “GrabIt” sponsor

Florey’s Book Co., at 2120 Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica, CA (650) 355-8811, is a green light entrance hall for bookworms and bibliophiles.  Owner Aaron Schlieve is there behind the desk to suggest reads, and/or chat or, order you a book if the store doesn’t carry it.  His bookstore is cozy small and loaded with discovery.  It’s for people who like to think, to laugh, to be inspired, to be challenged.  It’s the reliable place that keeps on top of yearly school book needs and stocks them all.  Tawny coral colored on the outside with two inviting picture windows, Florey’s is a frequent stop for “signing” authors who are glad there is still a place where they can sell their books and talk to their readers.  Florey’s is the only bookstore in Pacifica and one of the last independently owned bookstores in the area.  A place where the owner’s smile greets each customer personally – Aaron understands that sometimes a really talented artist could use a little extra help from a guy who owns a bookstore.  Aaron Schlieve and Florey’s support Jean’s Magazines “GrabIt.”

Pacifica Performances
Jean’s Magazines “GrabIt” sponsor

Violinist Kay Stern, concertmaster of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra said (Pacifica Tribune, May 6, 2009): “What I loved from the beginning about Pacifica Performances is it is world-class quality with a small town, old-fashioned ambiance.”

Pacifica Performances, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica, CA (650) 355-1882, nonprofit, is frequently noted in the news media as one of the best ticket buys in the San Francisco Bay Area for quality concerts.  Featuring jazz, country, classical, opera, pop, bluegrass, light rock, fingerstyle guitar, Celtic, folk, Appalachian, salsa, tango, bossa nova, palm-wine music, Afro-Cuban son …  World music, along with children’s music, dance, comedy, poetry readings and staged theater – this intimate concert hall is a major cultural arts facility bringing in audiences both locally and from over the hill.  It is a weekly, weekend event celebrator of extraordinary artists for both the listener and the performer.  In addition, Pacifica Performances offers free admission to youths and children under age 18 to encourage youth participation in the arts.  It’s the kind of place to go to when every thing can wait, except a beautiful performance.  Pacifica Performances supports Jean’s Magazines and “GrabIt.”

Sanchez Art Center
(Creating Community through Art)
Jean’s Magazines “GrabIt” sponsor

The mission of the Sanchez Art Center, 1220-B Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica, CA (650) 355-1894, nonprofit, is to: “create community through art.”  It offers affordable studio space for up to 30 Bay Area Artists.  Its education and outreach programs are designed to make art accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.  It also presents completely unordinary, totally inviting – Art by emerging and established California artists.  There are three exhibition spaces in the Sanchez Art Center.  The Main Gallery with its exhibitions by established and emerging California artists; the West Wing Gallery with exhibitions by the Art Guild of Pacifica; and the East Wing Gallery which is comprised of community and multicultural exhibitions by Bay Area organizations and children.  Inside the galleries of the Sanchez Art Center there is an entire, ever-changing visual arts world of marvel.  There have been exhibited works by: renowned members of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, a news-making sculptor who specializes in working with plastics and discarded materials, American impressionists, American landscapists, abstract expressionists, wood engravers, mosaicists, potters, fine artists, watercolorists – and so much more.  The Sanchez Art Center is a place where one can still receive the consolation and exultation of art.  The Sanchez Art Center supports Jean’s Magazines and “GrabIt.”