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Lisa Thomas

Pianist Lisa Thomas opens the door to “Owasco Memories”

An evening at Victorian Englander House – November 11, 2006


Modal harmonization which speaks to the spirit beyond the visual of the moment runs like a bubbling stream through Arthur Farwell’s “Owasco Memories.” It was played Saturday night by pianist Lisa Thomas, violinist Paul Yeager and cellist Samsun van Loon. Pianist Thomas is to be congratulated for opening the door to a Native American music which does not skirt borders of a European sound. This piece contained five short movements with Thomas leading the way with buoyant giggly piano, through light and petal strewn paths, where lullabies, courting and parental bits of thunder found just the right interplay as accompanied by sensitive violin and cello. It is a complex, collaborative piece within a lovely sense of spontaneity. Offering delicate piano with a translucent shimmering quality, Ms. Thomas played the visiting moods of spring.


Reviewed by Piano Pathways