It has been a dream of writer Jean Bartlett to be part of a solution to offer talented artists and creative thinkers a forum for their voices.  She mentioned this to piano virtuoso and composer Seth Montfort, whom she had met and reviewed many times in concert, and the next thing you know – magic.   Seth asked his buddy, website architect Bill Hollabaugh, to give Jean an Internet voice and a dream became, Jean’s Magazines.  With ten magazines at its disposal, Jean’s Magazines is devoted to providing the creative individual with the media attention needed to open the gates to deserved financial success.  All interviewed artists are up by invitation only and/or arrive with references.


         Ink Notes ~ reviews of artists performing primarily in Pacifica, CA.
BAASO (Bay Area Artists Sing Out) ~ in-depth interviews with San Francisco Bay Area musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, comics; essentially interviews with individuals who excel in their field(s) of art.  The purpose of these interviews is to allow students, educators, readers and potential audience members along with the owners of theaters, galleries and stages – a magazine-length visible source to know the story behind, the artist.
         Grab It ~ quick artist “interview” reference for club owners, concert halls, art galleries, filmmakers, theaters, cafés, bookstores, publishers and fans of the arts looking for – talent.    
VISIONARY ~ in-depth interviews of theater mangers, architects, scientists, physicians, environmentalists, business men and women who see a world enriched by the powerful pursuit of a dream.

(There is also a link to Jean’s award-winning children’s book.)

Six additional online magazines offer serious, thoughtful reviews to artists performing in Bay Area venues.