Jean Bartlett, Managing Editor of Jean’s Magazines, is also the features writer for the Pacifica Tribune. Since 2000, Jean has written over 2,000 articles for the Pacifica Wednesday weekly and is additionally the features writer for the Pacifica Tribune's sister paper Coastal Connections. In addition she has written for the Peninsula Progress, San Jose Mercury, San Mateo Times, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Catholic San Francisco and Bay Area Business Woman News.

In 2012, Jean wrote Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma – 125 Years of History, Ministry & Service. This fascinating book takes readers and cemetery walkers on a journey through the lives of a few of the 370,000 individuals interred in Colma's oldest and largest cemetery. Along with the internationally known baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, Jean's book offers profiles on: Michael Henry de Young, co-founder of the San Francisco Chronicle; Captain Michael A. Healy, USRCS, legendary captain of Alaska's Revenue Cutter Service who was commissioned by President Abraham Lincoln; Amadeo Peter "A.P." Giannini, founder of the Bank of America; Sister Mary Baptist Russell, Sister of Mercy, a tireless advocate for health, education and dignity for all and recognized by the City of San Francisco for her heroic work; Winifred Sweet Black Bonfils, veteran newspaper reporter hired by William Randolph Hearst; Hildreth Meière, leading art deco muralist during a time when men dominated the field; and Kathryn Forbes, the author behind "I Remember Mama." (The book can be ordered from or purchased directly at the office of Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, 1500 Mission Road, Colma, CA 94014. 650-756-2060. Mailing address: PO Box 1577, Colma, CA 94014. Website:

Jean is also a staged playwright (American Conservatory Theater’s Young Conservatory, Barefoot Play Readers Repertory Theater, Pacifica Performances, Richard’s Backyard Theater), an award winning children’s book author (IndiAsia and the Dragon), has written for Hallmark Cards, Inc., the Pacifica School District and has worked as a Bay Area lyricist/melody writer.  She is also a biographer. (Sample biography can be found on the web at – – type ‘Duering’ in the last name search window.)

A long-time advocate for the arts, Ms. Bartlett understands how difficult it is for an artist to receive press coverage.  Newspapers can only devote so much space to so few concerts and/or artists.  Audience size does not reflect the skills of the performer.

Jean hopes that as you scroll through the pages of Jeans Magazines, you will discover a treasure of significant artist and visionary voices; including your own.

Jean Bartlett